IHS Aug 16b

Indonesian Heritage Society

HIGHLIGHT on Culture: The Indonesian Heritage Society is earnestly kicking off its new, exciting season at our ‘Selamat Datang’ gathering. Take this opportunity to learn more about the Society, and to enjoy a musical performance by noted Indonesian composer, Levi Gunardi, and his protégés from the Life on Piano Music Center, Jakarta.

All are welcome to come along and learn more about our interesting fun activities and events.


Spain Embassy Chekara 2

So close, so far

HIGHLIGHT on Culture: The Embassy of Spain in Jakarta will hold a Flamenco Show under the title “So close, so far” interpreted by the Flamenco Andalusí troupe Chekara, made up of Jallal Chekara, violinist, singer and director of the ensemble and accompanied by José Manuel Tudela on guitar, Rosa de Algeciras the singer (cantaora), and the dancer (bailaora) Mari Ángeles Gabaldón.

The show brilliantly combines Flamenco and the Andalusian music of Morocco known as alala, which originated in the courts of Seville, Granada and Córdoba during the Golden Age of Al Andalus (9th~13th centuries), a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted in southern Spain.



Tjergam Taroeng

HIGHLIGHT on Art Exhibition: Kelompok Djagat Roepa Studio Enam menggelar perhelatan pameran seni rupa di Galeri Nasional Indonesia yang bertajuk Tjergam Taroeng, diselenggarakan pada tanggal 12 hingga 22 agustus 2016, dengan kurator Kuss Indarto. Pembukaan pameran akan diresmikan oleh Prof. Dr. Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono.

Tematik Tjergam Taroeng mencoba mengemas bahasa imaginasi cerita lama dalam perkembangan dunia komik sebagai seni cerita bergambar (pada khususnya) merupakan sebuah perkembangan yang berkaitan dengan bagaimana orang bercerita tentang realitas kehidupannya.


Flyer 5a

IPMI Charity Golf Tournament

HIGHLIGHT on Education: IPMI International Business School was established in 1984, has been known as a leading business school in Asia – preparing senior executives for global readiness.

For the first time, IPMI proudly present “A Charity Golf Tournament 2016” as part of its CSR program. IPMI is a pioneer in executive and MBA education in South-East Asia: the first to deliver education fully in English, the first to deliver international MBA programs in Indonesia, and the first to utilize Harvard case-based pedagogic approach in the region (more about IPMI: http://www.ipmi.ac.id).


Pameran 1771b

Goresan Juang Kemerdekaan

HIGHLIGHT on Art Exhibition: Karya seni terbaik dalam pameran bertajuk “17/71”. Istana Tampilkan Lukisan Bersejarah Dalam Pameran Lukisan Koleksi Istana Kepresidenan. Dan untuk pertama kalinya, masyarakat luas dapat menikmati keindahan karya seni terbaik yang selama ini menghiasi istana di seluruh Indonesia.

Pameran berlangsung di Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, sepanjang bulan Agustus 2016 sebagai bagian dari peringatan Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia ke-71. Akan terpapar di sana: 28 lukisan terpilih hasil karya 21 pelukis dan sekitar 100 koleksi foto-foto kepresidenan.


NZIS May 2016 a

Join Us On Educa

HIGHLIGHT on Education: A great way to share student learning from Term 2. we will be sharing your child’s learning with you through an educational software programme called Educa. Each class will have their own page where school happenings will be posted. This is similar to a Blog.

Each class also has individual profiles for each student, accessible only to invited parents & family. You will only see your child’s profile. Inside the profile will be learning stories (for Early Years), learning goals, shared learning activities, photos, videos and more.


INA Sep16a

International Joint Gathering

HIGHLIGHT on Business: INA in collaboration with the other European Chambers, IABC, ICCC and AmCham, would like to invite you to join the International Joint Gathering in Surabaya.

Create your opportunity to meet and build new connection with top decision maker of national and multinational companies. Don’t miss the chance!