Lebanon ~ A Country of Diversity

HIGHLIGHT on Lebanon: Bordered on one side by Mediterranean and on the other by two parallel mountain ranges, Lebanon seems a country suspended between the sky and the sea. Despite its small area (10,452 square km), this is a land, resplendent in its diverse geography, landscape, culture and history.

Upon the arrival to Indonesia, Mrs. Joanna Azzi (picture below) as the Lebanese chargé d’affaires is so impressed with the ‘Unity in Diversity’ here. Indonesia is very similar to Lebanon ~ a Mediterranean county of multiple origins, shaped by 10,000 years of history. She was not only impressed with the motto, but also with the Indonesian cultures through dancing, weather, language and behavior of the Indonesian people that will stay in her mind. …more

Festa a Corte 1

Festa a Corte by La Rossignol

HIGHLIGHT on Art and Culture: The Embassy of Italy in Jakarta and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta present a classic dance performance entitled “Festa a Corte” by La Rossignol. The cultural movement known as Italian Renaissance encompasses a long period of extraordinary growth, where masterpieces follow one another in a fascinating crescendo.

Music, dance and musical instruments grow into symbols with an intrinsic value: not anymore simply forms of entertainment, but indicators of an environment where social conventions are becoming more and more complex. …more

Rising Fashion 54a

Rising Fashion

HIGHLIGHT on Lifestyle: With its international chain, Galeries Lafayette always encourages local talents to enter international stage to develop and deliver fashion incubation with their signature partners to grow the fashion market of Indonesia.

Rising Fashion is one of the programs to continuously support and enhance fashion industry in Indonesia and Asia. As one stop lifestyle destination, Galeries Lafayette initiate and support creative talents ~ and committed to give excitement through Pop Up Store for their loyal customers. …more

Art Jkt 35a

Art Jakarta 2017

HIGHLIGHT on Art and Exhibition: Bertemakan ‘Unity in Diversity’. Perhelatan senirupa dan terkemuka di Indonesia, resmi dibuka untuk publik pada Kamis, 27 Juli 2017. Hadir di Grand Ballroom The-Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place berlangsung hingga Minggu, 30 Juli 2017.

Art Jakarta 2017 edisi ke-9 mempersembahkan 53 galeri seni kelas dunia dengan membawa pesan yang sama, bahwa seni bisa menyatukan segala perbedaan dimanapun. Selain menampilkan karya seni dan instalasi dari galeri lokal serta mancanegara, pengunjung dapat mengikuti Creative Art Class dan sesi Creative Talk. …more

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Colombian Independence Day

HIGHLIGHT on Colombian Embassy in Indonesia: Commemorating National Independence Day, presents Vallenato’s music concert by Colombian musician Eibar Gutiérrez. The Colombian Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. José Renato Salazar (picture above) sharing his speech in the opening remarks.

This event took place on July 20, 2017 at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta and dedicated to Indonesian officials, especially to the Minister of Agriculture H.E. Amran Sulaiman was also present, diplomatic corps and community of Colombians in the city of Jakarta. …more

IFW 2017 249a

Yunita Harun: Sinaran Kasmaran

HIGHLIGHT on Culture and Lifestyle: Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 brings a theme “Celebration of Culture”. A celebration of arts, beauty, an hymn to the harmony of colors and sounds, which creates the biggest fashion movement and an annual trade event for fashion industry in Indonesia. In the hand of Yunita Harun ~ an Indonesian fashion designer transform the theme of “Warna Katulistiwa” into ”Sinaran Kasmaran” means “Fall in Love” by using Jumputan Indonesian tradisional textile from Palembang, South Sumatera.

The 30-meter-long runway, only for Indonesian models to walk on a theme “Sinaran Kasmaran” as she was able to give her unique vision of the theme going beyond the common interpretation. Yunita Harun took a step forward by choosing purple pastel represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. …more

GNI - Pameran Goresan Juang Kemerdekaan 2

Galeri Nasional Indonesia 2016

HIGHLIGHT on Galeri Nasional Indonesia: Sepanjang tahun 2016, Galeri Nasional Indonesia telah melaksanakan berbagai program, beberapa diantaranya adalah pameran (Pameran Tetap dan Temporer); pelayanan edukasi, publikasi, dan kemitraan seputar karya seni rupa dan eksistensi GNI; serta perawatan koleksi (konservasi/restorasi) dan akuisisi atau pengadaan koleksi.

Menyongsong tahun 2017 ini, Galeri Nasional Indonesia juga telah menyusun sederet program terencana, diantaranya terkait dengan pembangunan fisik atau pengembangan infrastuktur, pengembangan organisasi tata kerja untuk menuju peran dan fungsi lembaga Galeri Nasional Indonesia yang lebih baik dan representatif, serta berbagai pameran seni rupa, baik yang berskala nasional maupun internasional. …more